ISOLDE II was held in Skodsborg, Denmark on June 15-19, 1981 organized by Soren Kruse Jacobsen and Oli B.G. Madsen.

The organizing committee was Jonathan Halpern (Israel), Soren Kruse Jacobsen (Denmark), Jakop Krarup (Denmark), Oli B.G. Madsen (Denmark), Peter Mark Pruzen (Denmark), and Richard M. Soland (USA).

11 countries were represented with 53 participants.

ISOLDE II program can be downloaded from here.


Group photo taken during ISOLDE II:

Legend of the photo:



More photos are available here.


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    • Jakob Krarup on December 15, 2012 at 5:17 pm
    • Reply

    In all modesty I seem to recall that ISOLDE II was organized by Peter Pruzan and myself. It is likely that also Richard M. Soland, The George Washington Univ., Washinton D.C. should be credited as member of the organizing team.
    A tragic event occurred in conjunction with ISOLDE II, the untimely death of Jonathan P. Halpern. An obituary can be found in J. Krarup, P.M. Pruzan, “Jonathan Halpern (1940-1981)”, EJOR 12 (1983) 1-2.
    Otherwise only fond memories from a series of truly golden days are left with me.

  1. Sorry: I forgot to include my website when my comment on ISOLDE II was submitted a minute ago!

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